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I had the Blues…The Sea Island Blues (II of II)

I’ll continue to weave tale of blues here with this past weekend’s Indigo Retreat in Charleston at Rebellion Farms.  This was a big deal event and the launch of Sea Island Indigo workshops and retreats in Charleston. Here’s our swag bag which included a variety of fabrics, yarns and trim in both cellulose and protein […]


I had the Blues…The Sea Island Blues (I of II)

I had the blues but in the BEST way!  The Sea Island Indigo Blues!   Two weeks ago I went down to Ossabaw Island with Donna Hard to help with a 2 day Indigo retreat out on this magical Island.    I have wanted to go to Ossabaw since I was in school at SCAD […]

My Letter to Mayor Riley about the Makers Movement in Charleston

I came across an upcoming event for American Craft Week this morning and decided to write to Charleston’s Mayor, Joe Riley, about crafts and the makers movement here  in our community.  I think it’s important enough to make sure that our Mayor sees these talented folks! Dear Mayor Riley, As a designer, artist, teacher and […]

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