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  • Makeover Monday::A Closet Case
  • Makeover Monday::Year Long Transformation
  • Makeover Monday::His & Hers Walk in Closet
  • Makeover Monday: Home office remodel
  • Makeover Monday::Painting Studio Organizing

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Wednesday Wellness::The Great Purge Urge

This past month, maybe 6 weeks even I’ve had this very strong desire to purge things.  I’ve come to recognize this urge and I seize the opportunity when it strikes because I know I will act with certainty in decision making and get a lot more accomplished in a short amount of time then if […]

Adventure Truck

Fun Friday-DIY

I’m testing out a few new ideas for the blog and I love a good DIY project.  I’m always coming across great stuff on Pinterest and various blogs but I rarely share them.  Today I couldn’t resist sharing a couple really FUN DIY projects that may (or may not) help you stay organized.  These may […]

2014 Sneak Peek Inside These Artist Studio’s

This is the second year I’ve been invited inside the studio’s of artists both locally in Charleston and around the US.  Rather than interviewing additional artists this month I wanted to share highlights of all of these talented artists studio’s.  Maybe you had a chance to look at all of them or maybe you just […]

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